Increasing the range of your MURS equipment can be as simple as adding an external antenna to your M538-BS MURS Base, MURS Alert Transmitter (MAT), or MURS Alert Probe Sensor (MAPS). Generally, the higher your antenna, the greater your range.

Centerfire Antenna offers a complete line of antennas including two specifically designed for MURS frequencies. Their VHF ground plane offers improved reception and transmission in all directions while their VHF Yagi concentrates your signal into one general direction and offers additional signal gain.

Antenna coax cables, complete with the correct connectors for your MURS equipment, are also available for a turnkey antenna system.

Contact Centerfire Antenna with any questions you might have about their products. All antennas come with a lifetime warranty and free shipping!

Centerfire Antenna VHF Ground Plane

Centerfire Antenna VHF Yagi